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The Partnership was established in 2006 to carry out humanitarian mine clearance, quality control of demining process, consultancy and ammunition disposal process in the area between Turkey and Syria States and other in country/abroad areas.


The TurkAzeri Demining Partnership includes ANAMA (Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action) as expert demining agency. ANAMA works as the executing partner in Turkey as well as in other countries. ANAMA is one of the National Mine Action Centers established in 10 various countries in the world.  ANAMA was established in 1998 by the Presidential Decree. ANAMA is unique national mine action agency for mine and UXO (unexploded ordnance) related activities among the Turkic States. Since the establishment year of 1998, the partnership has gained very important experiences. ANAMA has got considerable number of expert managers in different branches, quality control personnel, trainers, manual mine clearance man power, mine dogs, various mine detection and demining equipments, mechanical demining machines, training facilities (Ganja-Khanlar) and other related establishments/human resources.  Please see web site: for detailed information of demining, disposal and UXO related activities and current ongoing projects.


The Other Partners of TurkAzeri Demining Partnership:


·       AZAIRTECHSERVICE JSC; Located in Baku/Azerbaijan, dealing with numerous defense projects and currently handling very important projects. Expert on defense industry, construction, military contracting activities. AZAIRTECHSERVICE JSC is representative of WAY Industry/Slovakia ( for BOZENA Mechanical Demining Machines (MDM). It is also responsible for after sale service of repair and maintenance. 5 ea MDMs have already been purchased by ANAMA through AZAIRTECHSERVICE JSC in order to be used for demining activities.


·       Mertsan Defense Industry; Located in Ankara/Turkey, provides all necessary technical and administrative support for demining, disposal and UXO activities in Turkey. Mertsan already handles various defense projects with Government of Turkey Institutions.


·       Guher Consultancy, Import, Export; Responsible for project management for demining /disposal /uxo related activities in Turkey. Also being responsible for planning and coordination, management and monitoring of mine action related activities all over Turkey. Coordinates the activities with other worldwide companies for international relations



Since year of 2005, TurkAzeri Demining Partnership has been working on the demining project of Turkey-Syria Border Line land mines, monitoring all developments in the project from the planning phase until the related law is passed at the National Assembly. The partnership has got enough technical accumulation and expert manpower especially retired military engineers. 


TurkAzeri Demining Partnership has already completed its organizational structure, demining plans, partnership SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) both in Turkish and English. As known, mine clearance activities are managed by GICHD on behalf of United Nations. All demining activities of the partnership are performed according to International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) ( All equipments, which is used in demining, including Mechanical Demining Machines, test reports has been found in EU test and evaluation center ( The partnership’s (ANAMA) SOP was prepared according to IMAS. SOPs in English and Azeri Turkish can be reached at the same web site of In demining activities, IMSMA Database (, has been using from Mine Action Centers and from demining companies, NGO's.

For surveying minefields, ANAMA has been using Surveylab's GPS devices with IMSMA database, Our JV will use at mine field in order to survey and calculation, using all database of minefields with Surveylab ( production GPS devices.


Additional company or manpower entrance to the current organizational structure of TurkAzeri Demining Partnership is under consideration and planning depending on developments in the Turkey Syria Border mine clearance project. If necessary other foreign companies also will be incorporated to the partnership


TurkAzeri Demining Partnership NATO CAGE CODE: TA015

TurkAzeri Demining Partnership has already registered to the NAMSA Source File.

NAMSA Registration Number:4000054910



Metin Kutusu: TurkAzeri Demining Partnership Adress : 
Şehit Ersan Cad. No:4/6 
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Metin Kutusu: Tel. : +90 (312) 468 85 50
Fax  : +90 (312) 468 31 44
Mobile : +90 (533) 711 53 15






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